Student Development Grant Application  This form allows students to apply for “Student Development” grant funding to subsidize expenses to participate in a conference or workshop that will further academic and/or ministerial formation.  To apply, please submit this form to Paul Kircher, Assistant Dean of Students,   Fall semester application deadline is October 1, and spring semester is March 1.  Students are eligible for one grant per academic year.

Directory-Photo Authorization Form This form specifically authorizes JST to print the student's SCU ID photo in the JST directory or other publications.

Media Consent Form This form allows students to opt out of the use of their photo, video and/or voice recording for use by JST and SCU.  It only needs to be filled out if you choose not to allow the use of your image.  Otherwise, you don't need to do anything.

Logins to Remember This form is for students' personal use only, NOT to be turned in, to keep track of logins and passwords for JST, SCU and GTU.