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Student Groups and Committees

They are many ways to connect with other students outside of class or to make your voice heard for the sake of change. Get involved! Start your own group if there is something in particular you would like to address. Contact Paul Kircher for more information,


Basketball: play pick-up basketball on Saturdays at 10:30 at Live Oak Park, between Shattuck Avenue and Walnut Street in Berkeley. The basketball courts are located closest to the corner of Shattuck and Berryman Street. Contact Joshua Peters,, for more information.

Faith Sharing group: Currently there are no ongoing faith sharing groups.  If you would like to start one, please contact Paul Kircher,  

Hiking Excursions: The Wildkatz meet on Saturday mornings from 8-10:30; contact Paul Janowiak, Meet in the Hagemann parking lot at 8:00 a.m. where the Tilden Park destination for the week will be decided. The excursion ends at Peet’s and Cheese Board.

Liturgical Ministries: Sign up to bake bread, lector, serve as acolyte or eucharistic minister; contact Sebastian Budinich, Musicians (singers and instrumentalists) should sign up with Elise Dubravec,

Theology ThursDeis:  Each Thursday evening during the school year, students from JST get together at the Daily Pint, 1828 Euclid Avenue, to laugh and celebrate the end of the week! All are welcome to join, so come one and all! Grab a drink, have good conversation, and build our school community. Theology ThursDeis start around 9pm. Contact Maggie Warner,, if interested!

Academic Council Committee:

Lawrence Ng Yew Kim

Tegha Nji

Maddie Laforge

Lucas Sharma, SJ

Joe Ramelo

Jayne Booker

Statutes and Curricula Committee:

Jayne Booker

Tegha Nji


Board of Directors

            Academic Affairs:

Ellen Jewett

            Student Life:

 Silvana ARevalo

Andrew Simpasa, SJ

            Finance and Advancement:

San Mai, SJ

Lay Formation Committee:

Ellen Jewett

Maddie LaForge

Diego Salazar Galvis

Maggie Warner

School Liturgy Committee:

Aaron Bohr, SJ

Sebastian Budinich

Elise Dubravec

James Ferus, SJ

Lisa Hui

Chioma Ibe

Ellen Jewett

Joel Thompson, SJ