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Student ID/Library Cards

JST-SCU students are given two ID cards for use for the duration of their time at JST. If you cross-register at CAL, you will also receive an ID card from CAL. All JST students can also get a CAL library card.


Your SCU ID Card is used for Santa Clara University purposes, such as accessing the SCU library, SCU recreational facilities, and other SCU facilities. To access the SCU library, you will need to take your card to the SCU Library Help Desk and request that they link your card to the library system.  If you need to do this remotely, please contact the SCU Head of Access Services, Tina Chrzastowski, 408-554-5439, so that she can walk you through the process. If you need a replacement card, contact Paul Kircher,

Your ID photo will be taken during Orientation and you will pick up your ID Card from the Office of Student Life (Room 107).

GTU ID/Library Card

New Students:

Your GTU ID Card is also your GTU Library Card. Your ID photo will be taken during Orientation, and once you receive your new GTU ID Card, you must first register for classes, then visit Jim Oberhausen, JST Registrar, for a semester validation sticker. Each semester that you are enrolled in classes, you will need a new sticker to activate your card. If you are unable to attend Orientation, contact John Seal,, GTU Consortial Registrar, to take your GTU ID photo and have your card made. Then, register for your classes, and visit Jim Oberhausen for a semester validation sticker for your card. 

Find out more about requesting a replacement for a lost or stolen card.

Continuing Students:

Each semester, you need a new semester validation sticker for your GTU ID card to activate it for use as a GTU Library card. To obtain a sticker, register for your classes, then bring your card to Jim Oberhausen (JST Room 220E) for a new sticker.

CAL Library Card

As a GTU student, you also have access to the CAL libraries. 

Once registered for GTU classes, you will get a semester sticker from the registrar of your school. Take your ID to the Privileges Desk on the 1st floor of the Doe library to get a library card. (Privileges Desk hours)

When you have the card, you'll be able to check out materials and use CAL's many libraries. You'll also have on-campus access to their electronic resources such as articles and e-books. 

Note: only GTU cross-registered students (taking CAL classes) have remote access to electronic resources. You would then have to get a CAL student ID which you could use to login remotely.