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Master of Arts (M.A.)

Master of Arts (MA) Application Checklist for Domestic and International Students

  1. Completed & signed JST-SCU application for admission. You may complete this application online (click here to access to the online application). Make sure to indicate your proposed area of study. Provide accurate contact information and include details on any prior language study, research, and writing experience. You may attach a resume on a separate page if you like.                                                                                                                      
  2. Statement of purpose. Applicants for the MA program are asked to submit a 300 to 500 word personal statement explaining why you are applying to JST-SCU for the MA degree. The statement of purpose is not a personal biography, but a statement of goals that explains your academic study interests, and outlines the reasons the JST is an appropriate place to study for the MA degree.                                                                                                                                                                             
  3. Domestic Students: Official scores of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) taken within the last five years. Applicants for the MA program whose native language is English or who have completed a degree at an institution where English is the primary language are required to provide acceptable scores to be considered for admission. For information about the GRE, contact: Educational Testing Service (ETS) CorporateHeadquarters, 660 Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ 08541, USA, Phone 1-609-921-9000, or visit the GREwebsite at The SCU-JST institutional code for the GRE is 4851. Applicants are generally expected to have a GRE verbal score of at least 156 unless there are extenuating circumstances. Official scores should be sent directly from ETS to the JST Admissions Office. Students are strongly advised to sign up early for the examinations, as scores take up to two weeks to be reported and available to the Admissions Committee.                                                                                                                 
  4. International Students: Proficiency in English. A high degree of proficiency in English is required for admission. International students must demonstrate their ability to speak and write English. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for international applicants from a country where English is not the official language. For information about theTOEFL, contact: Educational Testing Service (ETS) Corporate Headquarters, 660 Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ 08541, USA, Phone; 1-609-921-9000, or visit the TOEFL website at The SCU-JST institutional code for TOEFL is 4851. Applicant to the MA program are expected to have a TOEFL score of at least 550 (written based), 213 (computer based), or 80 (internet based) taken within the last two years.Official scores should be sent directly from ETS to the Admissions Office of JST-SCU to: Laura Nieto, Admissions and Scholarship Aid Specialist, Jesuit School of Theology, 1735 LeRoy Avenue, BerkeleyCA, 94709.                                                                                                                                                                                      
  5. Official transcripts for all post-secondary academic work. Applicants for the MA program are expected to submit two transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate school attended. Applicants are expected t, a scale of 4.0) for the bachelor’s degree. Transcripts should show a range of undergraduate courses which demonstrate solid preparation in the humanities and some knowledge of religion. If an applicant is currently enrolled in a program, an in-progress transcript showing work to-date needs to be submitted. Upon admittance, final transcripts must demonstrate conferral of degree. An applicant should also list all post-secondary schools attended, with the most recent listed first. Official transcripts are sealed, unopened documents issued by the institution which bear the actual signature of the registrar and the seal of the institution. This should be mailed directly to the Admissions office of JST.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  6. Three letters of recommendation. Letters are requested by the applicant and submitted by the recommender via the online application system. If you do not use the online system, we suggest that your recommenders seal the letter in an envelope and sign across the seal, return it to you to send with your application materials, or if they prefer, they may send the letter directly to the Admissions Office of JST via email or hard copy.

Note: Choose people who can speak knowledgeably and articulately about your academic and intellectual potential and will write specific letters. Academic references are different from general character references.

Our mailing address is:
Admissions Office
Jesuit School of Theology
1735 LeRoy Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709
Learn more at:

Questions may be addressed to:
Laura Nieto
Admissions and Scholarship Aid Specialist
Phone: 510-549-5033


For Application Checklist pdf click here and Letter of Recommendation form, click  here