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School of Applied Theology

Pictured above: The Institute of Lay Theology, the precursor to the School of Applied Theology. Sourced from SAT's visual archive.

After 58 years of service, the School of Applied Theology (SAT), a sabbatical program located in Oakland, CA, and affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), has closed their operation. In their closing, SAT made a generous gift of $40,000 to support the JST Renewal Program, which will be used to further their enduring mission.

The mission of SAT has long aligned with that of JST. According to their website, “In 1960…Eugene Zimmers, S.J., had a radical idea that the Church would need trained lay ministers. So he founded the Institute of Lay Theology (ILT) which was founded at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit institution.” In 1968, responding to the calls of renewal of Vatican II, SAT affiliated with the newly established GTU and moved to Berkeley. In the same spirit, SAT opened the school to religious sisters and brothers and priests, integrating the education of all ministers. To learn more about the history of SAT, and the legacy they leave behind click here.

JST would like to thank the School of Applied Theology for its decades of ministry to lay women and men, clergy, and men and women religious.  JST is especially grateful to SAT for its generous gift of $40,000 and will use it to continue to advance our shared mission.

Oct 11, 2018