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Best wishes for those undergoing comps, defending theses and finishing projects

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Liturgy News

Evening prayer gatherings via zoom are scheduled from 8:00-8:30 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.  If you are interested in helping to lead a session in the coming weeks, please email Sebastian Budinich at Contact Sebastian for the zoom link as well.

We list below some online resources for liturgy and prayer. If you find something that you think would be beneficial for the community, please send the link to Mary Beth Lamb, For all previous listings, please turn to our new COVID-19 Resources page. Only new items will be posted here in weeks to come.

Livestreams, virtual gatherings and presentations

You can help make visible our love and hope for God’s creation and our neighbors by participating in a virtual celebration of Earth Day and Laudato Si’. You can be the one good person that restores hope to many who desperately need it at this time. The Hope for Creation Initiative invites you to submit prayers, meditations, stories, essays, statements, reflections, art, poems, songs, photos, videos, etc. that lift your love and hope for God’s creation! Submissions may be your original work or you may submit something that you found inspiring or moving. If not original, please give the source or attribution. Submissions will appear on the “Hope for Creation” webpage and may (with permission) be used during the time between Earth Day (April 22) and Laudato Si’ week (May 16-24) in a social media campaign lifting Catholic climate action. Submissions should also be accompanied by an action you pledge to take to care for creation in 2020. For action ideas, go here. 


JST Announcements
  • Register now for all 2020 summer courses.  The last day to register for any course is Tuesday, June 2 (the summer term begins on June 1).  All tuition must be paid ahead of time by Thursday, May 21, no matter when a course actually has its first day.  If you later decide to drop a course you must do so by June 2 in order to get a full refund on the tuition, no matter when a course actually has its first day. Currently, three courses are being offered, LS-8300: Liturgical Music for Ministerial Leaders (3 units) with Christopher Wemp, June 15 - July 17; NT-8270: Paul's Letters: Context and Theology (3 units) with Jean-Francois Racine, June 8 - July 3; and SP-8250: Toward a Spirituality of the Creative Life (3 units) with Carrie Rehak, June 1- July 12. 
  • JST updates on COVID-19 can be found here.   This page links also to the SCU and GTU updates.
  • The JST Resource page for COVID-19 lists resources for faith and prayer, wellness, financial assistance, and service. 
  • JST students who are experiencing financial need as a result of COVID-19 developments:
    1. Please see the SCU Financial Aid page for information on the SCU Special Assistance Fund, and submit the request at this link.  
    2. Those who require additional support may also apply for JST Supplemental Assistance at this link.  The application deadline is April 27, 2020. For more information, please contact Paul Kircher at

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Local Community Resources

The Catholic Worker is still sponsoring breakfast on Sunday morning for the homeless at People's Park and on Center between Martin Luther King and Milvia. J.C. Orton has asked for 2-3 people to come help serve on Sunday. Be at People's Park by 7:30 and at Center by 8:00. Questions? Contact J.C. Orton, 510-684-1892,

Community Offerings

The Road and the Rainbow  Maureen Pratt, JST MTS student, shared this column she wrote for the Catholic News Service, as we continue self-isolation with all of our pent-up joy from Easter! It was published in the Trenton Monitor.

Good Friday painted by Galen Cortes, CSsR, Renewal Student








painting by Galen Cortes

The Many Faces of Jesus
I can recognize your face in all its beauty
I can feel the joys and sorrows you have today 
If only I am aware of your wake up call
I would have responded a different way 
more than words in my mind
more than the shades of my heart
More than lifting my hands for your glory
Nothing inside can express who you are to me
Love you so much 
that I wanted you to stay
Love you so much
It’s all really that I needed to say
My Great love!
You allowed me to taste your presence.
You enabled me to confront my own shortcomings
You gave new meaning to the pain forming part of my identity
And now you unveil yourself in all the people around me
Love you so much 
You’re all that matters to me
Love you so much
Those words you already have shared with me
Oh my Jesus! 
Holy Saturday painted by Galen Cortes
Surrendering in Hope
When seemingly nothing happens
When feeling like being abandoned
Sensing like being slowed down
Running out of options
Stay in that ruins
When emptiness and uncertainties keep haunting
When being squeezed between “here and there”
Wanting to cross immediately after each ending
Even if silence becomes annoying
Be still in that ruins
Not running, not denying
Holding each others’ ending
Know there is something within that is growing
Have the inheritance of remembering
For today a profound joy is sprouting
Need only to wait and be patient

Painting of candle in cradle of hands by Galen Cortes

Easter Sunday painted by Galen Cortes

Painting of road, bench, trees and empty tomb by Galen Cortes

Blissful Surprises
One day, somebody placed a plateful of sweets at my door
The next day somebody invited me for a meal
Then came e-mails checking on me
And messages of wisdom from my friends
Give thanks to the Lord, His love endures forever!
Early this morning I can only see a bit 
but soon there will be a dazzling light of freedom and peace
If only I can wait.
I can hear from my room the singing of birds.
Reminding me, the shelter-in-place of the moment 
does not prevent me from living.
Who is affected when you find things differently from what you expected?
I began to retrace my ways and began complaining
After all, in humility they are just in front of me, though I fail to notice them.
I miss someone close and important things, but these teach me to embrace change
Change in how I perceive things, people and relations 
Something new has grown today
Unexpected, uncontrollable and not reduced to a calendar date
Look, He’s not here, He is risen
When you’re surprised and nothing seems fulfilled in your expectations
You’re in the best place of resurrection
Without limits, He uncovers what is hidden
Without limits, He moves what blocks one’s heart to action
Without limits, He heals without asking anything in return
So abundant is His compassion
Wondrously, this will continue in our lives and in our world
Give thanks to the Lord, His mercy endures forever.
Today is the day that the Lord has made
We know the whole story, it ended lovingly for us and continues to be
With deep gratitude, with hope let this resonate
in our minds, our hearts and in our witnessing.
A blessed easter indeed!
Labyrinth: A Pilgrimage in Place

Kathryn Barush contributed this little video/blog offering to the Spiritual Care & Ethical Leadership initiative at GTU, Labyrinth: A Pilgrimage in Place. See the video and read the blog.

JST Events

Zoom GTU Library Orientation
JST Orientation Week
All Day
JST Orientation Week
All Day
JST Orientation Week
All Day

Mission Church at Night

SCU Events and Announcements

Innocence Files Netflix Watch Party
2:00-4:00, then Facebook Live Q & A.

Netflix is premiering "The Innocence Files," a nine-episode series presenting an in-depth look at eight cases of wrongful conviction. Two of the episodes feature the story of Northern CA Innocence Project (NCIP) client and exoneree, Franky Carrillo. Franky was wrongfully convicted of murder at age 16, and was exonerated with NCIP's help after spending 20 years in prison. The two episodes also feature interviews with NCIP Co-Founder and Executive Director Linda Starr.

NCIP will be hosting a Netflix Watch Party for the two episodes that highlight Franky's story on Sunday, April 19 at 2pm (directions for the Netflix Watch Party are below). The day of the event, NCIP will provide a link on their facebookinstagramtwitter, and website for viewers to join the Netflix Watch Party. Immediately following the Netflix Watch Party, NCIP will host a Facebook Live event #FreedomTalk at 4pm featuring Q&A with Franky Carrillo and Linda Starr on Facebook. 

Directions for Netflix Watch Party (*Note: Only works for Chrome Browser):

1. Visit in your Google Chrome browser.
2. Click Get Netflix Party for free.
3. You'll be redirected to the Google Chrome web store page to download the extension. Click Add to Chrome.
4. A pop-up box will open. Select Add Extension. You'll now see a grey NP icon in your browser toolbar.

A reminder that the link to join the Netflix Party Watch will be provided on the day of our event on Sunday, April 19. 

tUrn Climate Crisis Awareness & Action
8:00am-5:00pm, online, April 20-25

A week of 25 unique lectures, discussions, roundtables, workshops, celebrations and calls to action led by 54 tUrn faculty, staff & student partners + a Saturday Social Distancing Hike to wrap it all up!
tUrn is an officially registered event with Global Earth Day Network.
Guests from industry, from Project Drawdown, from our community, and from our SCU faculty, staff and students make it all happen.

Intersection of Ethics and Social Justice
5:00-7:00pm via zoom

For the Zoom link, please contact Joanna Thompson,

Long-Term Effects of Microaggressions Against the Asian-American Community During COVID-19
5:00-7:00pm via zoom

For the Zoom link, please contact Joanna Thompson,

GTU News and Events

GTU At Home Book Club

On Wednesdays (April 1 - April 29) at 12:30, the SFTS library is hosting an online silent book club, which offers an opportunity to socialize, share what you are reading with others, and spend time reading your own book silently. For zoom info and more info on at home book clubs, see

GTU Library Workshops

The GTU Library hosts workshops throughout the semester on Zotero (a free citation management program), Biblical exegesis, finding primary resources, and doing library research from a distance. Click here for the schedule.

"Art-Making as Yogic Praxis and Empowerment of Women: Research on the Padukas Tribal Women’s Native Art Community"
noon, via Zoom

Our April talk will be given by 2019 Spring CARe Grant recipient Zipei Tang (PhD, GTU), who used her grant funds to travel to Maharashtra, India this summer. 

Join us via Zoom!
Meeting ID: 363 782 703
Password: brownbag

A Muslim Perspective on Spiritual Care and Ethical Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty
noon, online

In this online event, Dr. Munir Jiwa of the Center for Islamic Studies at the GTU, will present on spiritual care, resilience, and community in these days of uncertainty. You'll find links to both a video presentation and blog entry from him on our website after noon PST on April 24, 2020. 

Connection and Disunity
1:00, online

The GTU is pleased to announce a new partnership with Radical Love Live to produce two live Zoom events.  Usually based out of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, Radical Love Live is a safe place to talk about spirituality in all its forms with the goal of building bridges across spectrums of belief, traditions, and practice through discussion, interviews, music, and shared practice. The first episode, on April 26 at 1:00 pm, will feature Dr. Rita D. Sherma, Director of the GTU Center for Dharma Studies, and Dr. Kamal Abu-Shamsieh, Director of Interreligious Chaplaincy Program, who will share their perspectives on “Connection and Disunity” in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Poetry Break
4:00-5:30, online

Celebrate Poetry Month virtually with Poet and Pastor Rev. Nate Klug!

Now, more than ever, poetry can provide a welcome distraction and a healing balm. Poems will be made available a week prior, so you can read and reflect before Nate leads us in discussion.

Nate Klug is a poet, translator, and essayist. He is the author of "Rude Woods," a modern translation of Virgil's "Eclogues" (The Song Cave, 2013), "Anyone, a book of poems" (The University of Chicago Press, 2015), and the forthcoming "Hosts and Guests" (Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets, 2020).

Join us on Zoom!
Meeting ID: 865 450 481
Password: poetry

Rethinking the Study of African Indigenous Religion in the 21st Century
noon, online

Join us online via zoom at 12:00 PM (Pacific Time) on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, when Dr. Jacob Olupona of Harvard University will present the GTU's Annual Surjit Singh Lecture in Comparative Religious Thought. Dr. Olupona's lecture will be titled, “Rethinking the Study of African Indigenous Religion in the 21st Century." The event will also be livestreamed on the GTU website, the GTU's YouTube page and the GTU Facebook page.

Art Break with Thomas Cattoi
5:00, online event

Dr. Thomas Cattoi (Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara University) will discuss bodies that heal, by looking at a 20th century Tibetan image of the medicine Buddha (Bhaisajyaguru) and an Orthodox icon of the transfiguration by Theophane the Greek (1340-1410). Register to receive the zoom link.

A Perspective from Science, Technology and Ethics in this Time of Uncertainty
noon, online

In this online event, Dr. Braden Molhoek, of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at the GTU, presents his perspective as a science and technology ethicist in these days of uncertainty. You'll find links to both a video presentation and blog entry from him on our website after noon PST on May 1, 2020. 


Community Events and Resources

The Gilman District's Shoh Gallery is now showing "How to Breathe," a virtual gallery that turns piece by piece in a meditative roll. The works are beautiful and intriguing.

Conversation with Molly Burhans
online, 6:00p.m.

Join us, with your beverage of choice in hand, for an Earth Day conversation with Molly Burhans, founder and executive director of GoodLands.

Catholic-Buddhist Dialogue: Solidarity and Engagement on Climate Change
7:00am-8:30am, online webinar

This webinar explores how Catholic and Buddhist traditions:

1) Confront the climate crisis, and also what aspects of Catholic and Buddhist traditions contribute to factors that imperil life on the planet.

2) How these traditions might enable us to realize our highest human potential: the deep expression of compassion and love for each other, especially the most vulnerable among us — both human and non-human —bearing the brunt of the suffering.


  • Dekila Chungyalpa: Director - Loka Initiative, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Kathleen Deignan CND: Professor of Religious Studies, Iona College
  • Leo Lefebure: Professor of Theology, Georgetown University
  • David Loy: Professor, Writer, and Zen teacher


  • Joshua Basofin, Director of Climate Program at Parliament of World Religions

This Catholic-Buddhist dialogue is sponsored by Parliament of World Religions, Catholic Climate Covenant, Catholic Association of Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers (CADEIO), Earth Day Network, and Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies (SBCS).

Job Announcements and More

NCR Bertelsen Editorial Internship -- NEW!!

NCR offers a year-long paid internship designed to provide recent college graduates with firsthand newspaper experience. Interns work as a full-time staff members in the newspaper's Kansas City, Missouri, headquarters or in a major U.S. city where they live or are based. lnterns gain firsthand experience in a fast-paced virtual newsroom, reporting for print and web, helping with newspaper production, and maintaining including social media and multimedia.

Deadline to apply is May 15, 2020.

For more information, visit:

Lucile Murray Durkin Scholarship for Women Discerning Priestly Vocation

Scholarship applications are open to women and non-binary persons enrolled or accepted into an undergraduate or graduate studies program. To be eligible the candidate must be enrolled or participate in at least one class or significant volunteer ministry of comparable scope that they believe would forward the discernment of their call to a life in ordained ministry.  This scholarship is primarily directed to women and non-binary people who wish to be ordained Catholic Priests (including Ecumenical Catholic and Roman Catholic Women Priests). Secondarily it is open to those who are seeking priestly ordination in other denominations. For more information, click here.  To apply, click here.

Applications are accepted until April 29, 2020 and awardees will be notified in June 2020.  

Call for Papers: EcoTheo Review
The EcoTheo Review is a quarterly journal dedicated to enlivening conversations and commitments around ecology, spirituality, and art. They are always open to submissions of poetry, prose, and visual art that explore questions of nature and spirituality, from within and outside all religious traditions. They are delighted by innovative, original, thoughtful art that reflects the values of curiosity, justice, and community. They also welcome reviews of contemporary poetry and prose that engage themes of ecology and/or theology. They look forward to reading and seeing your work! Please visit for submission guidelines. 
Call for Papers, Society for the Phenomenology of Religious Experience

The Conference on Religious Experience and the Crisis of Secular Reason, September 16-18, 2020 at the University of Vienna, is looking for abstracts. Please submit papers of no more than 600 words, formatted for anonymous review, to before May 30, 2020. You can also enclose a full paper; submissions with ready papers will be given a priority. Enclose your biographic information in the body of email. Notifications of acceptance will be emailed by June 15, 2020. For more information, click here.

painting in format of zoom meeting by Galen Cortes

Virtual Community: When two or three are gathered in virtual reality in Jesus' name, He is online. Painting by Galen Cortes, CSsR.

To submit items for publication in this newsletter, please send to by noon on Wednesday of the week you want it published. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit photos of events for the photo of the week.

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