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Institute for Black Catholic Studies Symposium

Visit for to listen to presentations from the Institute for Black Catholic Studies Symposium.  Speaker topics range from “Living the Faith” to “Revisiting Catholic Education” to “Current Canonical Procedures in Canonization Processes and African American Processes.”


Ignatian Solidarity Network Multimedia

Visit to listen to past Ignatian Family Teach In speakers on “White Supremacy” and “Racial Justice Issues.”  Additional media resources are included focusing on Ignatian Spirituality and Racial Justice


The Church’s Role in Racial Healing

Visit to listen to a Baltimore activist shares about the ways in which the Catholic Church can be a space to bridge the racial divide .  


Bishops Address the Sin of Racism

Visit to listen to Bishop Murry of Youngstown, who is the new chair of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism.  He shares about the ways in which this committee plans to implement ways to address racism.


Society of Jesus Apologies for the sins of Jesuit Slaveholding at Georgetown

Georgetown University held a Liturgy of Remembrance to publicly apologize for the sins of slaveholding. Visit to view images of the liturgy and to  listen to the homily of Father Kesicki, President of the Jesuit Conference.




Racial and Ethnic Justice and the Common Good Podcasts | Bannan Institute

Santa Clara University explores the intersection between racial justice and the common good.  Speakers engage in conversation regarding racial privilege and the implicit and explicit racial and ethnic injustice in the US. To listen to the podcasts visit


The Code Switch | National Public Radio

This podcast focuses on the ways in which race, culture, and ethnicity overlaps, how these factors have  affected the ways communities interact, and how this is shifting. Visit to listen.


We Live Here | St. Louis Public Radio

This podcast explores issues of race, class, and power after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, St. Louis.   Visit to listen to speakers share about  the effects of systemic racism in the region and beyond..


Interview with Ruby Sales | On Being

Visit to listen to Ruby Sales, a civil rights icon, discuss the role of  public theology in confronting racism.


  1. Louis History in Black and White | St. Louis Public Radio

Learn about the history civil rights, black experience, and race relations, in St. Louis through a collection of images and audio recordings here: