Santa Clara University

Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley


Wi-fi is available at all GTU member schools. The Consortial IT Services (CITS) provides a centralized Information Technology department supporting the faculty, staff and students of the GTU Consortium. It is located underneath the chapel at the Pacific School of Religion (PSR) on the corner of LeConte Avenue and Scenic Avenue. During the academic year, they are open 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. They can be contacted via email at or phone at (510) 849-8204. Their website is

Connecting to the wireless network depends on your location within the Consortium. Before you can connect to the wi-fi on the JST campus, you must bring your laptop or mobile device to the CITS help desk located at PSR. They will enter a code in your laptop that will allow you to connect to the network. From this point forward, your device should automatically detect and connect you to the wi-fi available at JST, PSR, FST, DSPT, PLTS, ABSW, FST, and SKSM. “wireless” is the name (SSID) for this network. If you are at the GTU library, the SSID is “GTU-Library” and the password that your browser will prompt you for is linked to your school email account. You may register this password online or at the CITS help desk. Please direct any questions or concerns to CITS.

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