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Access to a World-Class Ecclesiastical Faculty and Theological Library

Our world-class faculty, rigorous academic programs, motivated students and access to the bountiful theological resources at the Graduate Theological Union library exemplify the JST educational experience.  JST is the only school west of Chicago with an ecclesiastical faculty approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education to grant degrees in the name of the Pope.  Students come from top schools and receive prestigious awards such as the Fund for Theological Education scholarships.  The school regularly reviews the degree programs to ensure that they meet the highest standards and maintain our cutting edge.  Our reputation for excellence in academics as well as pastoral and leadership preparation enables our students to graduate with jobs in hand.
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    Theological thought leaders, JST faculty are well-published scholars with national and international reputations.  They teach and learn with their students how to do theology in today's multi-cultural world and Church, engaging a 21st-century approach to a 2000-year-old faith.  Students have access to professors in all fields of theology and related disciplines, including ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, at JST, the other Graduate Theological Union member schools, and Santa Clara University.
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  • libraryExceptional Library Resources

    Students at JST have access to some of the best libraries in the country, including the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library of the Graduate Theological Union; the University of California, Berkeley Library; and the Santa Clara University Library.
  • interreligiousInterreligious Theological Immersion Cycle

    In a 21st century world of increasingly prominent comparative religions, growing religious fundamentalism and eroding traditional beliefs, JST prepares students to go to the frontiers of  religion via academic course work and interreligious theological immersions.  In-country immersions explore the world of Islam in Indonesia, Hinduism in India and Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal.
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