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About the Staff

Jes Kuczenski
LEAD 21: Exploring Engineering Vocations

I joined the engineering faculty at Santa Clara University in 2014. I was lucky enough for my position to change from academic year adjunct to renewable term lecturer beginning in 2015. My faculty role is focused on our first-year students as part of the Introduction to Engineering class and lab, but I also teach community-based design and prototyping courses with engineering students of all academic years and even those outside of the School of Engineering.

In 2017 I became the Director of General Engineering. I oversee and assess the major and minor programs, review and hire faculty and staff, manage the budget, and advise both General Engineering and the undeclared engineering students. One new effort as Director is the creation of digital pathways and badging to facilitate students' journeys through college, connecting curricular and co-/extra-curricular experiences.

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  • Introduction to Engineering - ENGR 1
  • Introduction to Engineering Lab - ENGR 1L
  • Intro to Engineering Design and Prototyping - ENGR 2
  • Community-Based Engineering Design - ENGR 110
  • Exploring Engineering Vocations - LEAD 21

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