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About the Staff

Tedd Vanadilok

LEAD Seminar Instructor

Tedd Vanadilok is the Director of the Center for Student Involvement at Santa Clara University. The Center for Student Involvement provides opportunities for students to explore leadership opportunities, try new experiences, continue pursuing current interests, gain valuable skills, learn about themselves, and meet others. In his role within the center, Tedd is responsible for staffing, strategic planning, budget management, risk management, contracts, and policies. He is also the advisor to the Associated Student Government (ASG). Prior to Santa Clara, he has also worked at Northwestern University and Duke University in Multicultural Student Affairs providing support and advocacy for students of color as well as developing programs focusing on diversity and inclusion. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Science in Higher Education Administration from Northwestern University. In addition, he received a Master of Arts in Sports Management from Ohio State University.