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Coca Cola Scholarship Recipients

Coca Cola Recipient
Dominic Magdaluyo

Computer Science and Engineering major

My name is Dominic Magdaluyo, and I'm a new transfer here at Santa Clara University. I didn't have much of an opportunity to go to college directly out of high school, so going to a community college was initially the best strategy for me to get a degree. I discovered that getting a job is simple, but building a career without a degree is incredibly difficult without blind luck on your side. At first I was intimidated by the amount of work a Computer Science degree would be, but after the first few weeks I picked up the work habits necessary to be successful in school. I decided to apply to Santa Clara University for a Computer Science & Engineering degree because I saw how to University strives for each student to be successful as professionals and as individuals. Location was also an important factor for me because Santa Clara is in close proximity to many of the companies recruiting engineers in Silicon Valley and the rest of the Bay Area. I'm enjoying the quality of my instruction so far and I look forward to meeting more amazing students and professors during my time here!