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Coca Cola Scholarship Recipients

Coca Cola Recipient
Levi Poletti

Philosophy major

Hi! My name is Levi Poletti, and I am a Senior here at SCU.

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, I’ve been exposed to a more-than-adequate amount of Evergreens, rain, and Subarus (seriously, almost every Seattleite drives one).

I started my career at SCU undeclared, and eventually chose to declare physics. But when I learned that physics is actually kinda hard, I switched to a major that I already excelled in, and had a passion to learn more about: philosophy. Perhaps it's my Greek ancestry, but I could talk to anyone, at anytime, about philosophy for hours. So, if anyone who is reading this is interested in discussing quantum metaphysics or mereology, find me on campus!

Outside of philosophy, I absolutely love films and books. Star Wars is my all time favorite, and on weekdays I like to wake up at 5:00 AM to read my fill of biographies before the day starts. Other hobbies include tennis, long boarding, and having red hair.

When Senior year ends, I plan on preparing for Law School. Though I don’t plan on becoming a lawyer, I’d like to be trained if ever there is a need for a knowledge of the law. My long term interest is to pursue a career in the private aerospace sector.

The impact that this scholarship will have on me will be astounding. Because I live in Seattle, this scholarship will help with covering the expensive air fare that comes with attending an out-of-state university. And because I love to see my family as often as possible, I now don’t have to worry about how much a ticket will cost for returning home during Thanksgiving break or the holidays. Additionally, because I have ADHD, this scholarship will help with covering the price of necessary technologies that I need for my courses. Tablets and computers are my ultimate academic utilities; I can take notes without falling behind, and without compromising my capacity to pay attention to the professor. This scholarship will dissolve any barrier that might pose as a threat to my ability to take notes and actually listen to the professor effectively.

To my LEAD family, and to the Coca Cola Corporation, I would like to extend a tremendously huge message of thanks. This scholarship will serve to help me in just the ways that I most needed help here at SCU. Your support serves as a template for how us students should approach life; through the philanthropic lens of a giver who truly cares about the well-being and future of those for whom their help is being utilized. It’s a beautiful message, and it’s one that I aspire to replicate in my life.