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Koret Fellowship Program

Angel Barranco

Mechanical Engineering major, Class of 2018

A software that allows communication from satellites to occur is STK, which was originally created to solve problems involving Earth-orbiting satellites. However, because STK may be expensive to acquire, many universities and companies do not have access to this software. One way to get around this barrier is by converting STK files into Python, which is a programming software that is available for free. As of right now, few people have converted STK files into other formats, but no one has attempted to convert such files into Python formatting. If everything goes as planned, the converted files will be shared with the community of researchers and scientists, hoping this will trigger more advancements and improvements in aerospace. This will not only benefit the discipline of aerospace, but it will also make SCU’s engineering programs more prestigious by being pioneers in this subject.

Upon completing the research, I will acquire a deeper understanding in the operation of Earth-orbiting satellites. Moreover, I will become familiar with the programming language, Python, whose applications are endless. Lastly, I will build a working connection with my professor, which will make it easier for me to conduct research with him – or even get me an internship – in the future.