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Koret Fellowship Program

Paloma Contreras

Psychology major, Class of 2019

By interning at Santa Clara County Crime Strategies Unit and volunteering at the American Red Cross and Grail Family Services, I will be gaining experience with individuals, communities, and the local government. The community volunteer work will provide me with individual interactions with the community and casework, while my internship at the Crime Strategies Until will allow me to understand and analyze community issues, particularly crime, in a broader context. Furthermore, these positions will help advance my goal of becoming a counseling psychologist; this volunteer work gives me contact with a wide range of individuals-- soldiers, veterans, victims of disasters, and children-- and the Crime Strategies Unit allows me to research and understand communities in Santa Clara County that have been afflicted with crime. This is particularly useful because I plan to become a counseling psychologist in Santa Clara County and it allows me to learn more about underprivileged communities in the county.