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Koret Fellowship Program

Marilynn Escun

Psychology & Philosophy major, Class of 2018

The IES Abroad Program in Barcelona is one of Santa Clara's international programs. There is a diverse number of courses available that are taught in English by their renowned faculty. We will be required to enroll in language-proficiency-based level courses that will help us choose our course enrollment options. This will help build a community with our peers and expands our learning in Spain. In addition to our Spanish course, we will choose from IES Abroad area studies courses, which are taught in English or Spanish as well as enroll in local university courses. We also have an option to participate in an internship or academic seminar in order to gain international work experience. I will be staying at a local resident's home (homestead housing option) that will help me adapt further to the cultural community of Barcelona. This program is a great opportunity for me to explore, learn, and build a new home in an international community with a unique beautiful culture and education.

I selected this particular program because I want to take part in a different culture that is distinct to my own, yet, similar to my own. The Spanish culture has its own set of values, beliefs, and practices that I hope to learn more about. It is connected to my ancestry that is derived from Latin America, specifically Guatemala. I want to learn how the Spanish culture connects and plays a role in my own culture. This journey will provide me with the opportunity to grown, learn, thrive, and prosper in a different culture and society than my own.  

My goal is to attend law school after I graduate from SCU and I hope this experience provides me with the opportunity to network among the Spanish community. By networking with those outside of my culture, I hope to gain more insight and awareness of the different approaches or methods used when practicing law. I recognize that the field of law is a vast broad category that can be taken in a variety of ways and I hope to gain some of those new perspectives.