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Koret Fellowship Program

Areli Hernandez

Political Science, Spanish, and Ethnic Studies major, Class of 2019

The Ecuador Community Development program’s structure superbly blends my three majors (Political Science, Spanish, and Ethnic Studies) and minor (Latin American Studies) by giving me the time to explore the Ecuadorian communities both academically and in real time spent within the communities. The first half of the program lays down the academic framework for my time in Ecuador (building off of my academic preparation at SCU in my major/minor areas). In the second half of the program, I will fully engage in the internship/research component on the education/literacy track analyzing the educational system, government policy, and impact on local educational structures, and the relationship between education and development. I am particularly interested in exploring the impact of diverse intersections of political, social, and ethnic identities in the context of the Ecuadorian education system.