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Koret Fellowship Program

Madison Hokans-Csurilla

Child Studies and Psychology major, class of 2019

I will serve in Mutungo, Uganda for a period of five weeks (July 2, 2017 – August 5, 2017) with local teachers for early childcare education. Through this experience, I hope gain a better understanding of culture in the classroom and meeting the needs of my students. Serving for the teaching program directly relates to the field of education; I acknowledge that I don't yet know all the ins and outs of teaching, but practice is the only way to learn. Not only would I be able to observe and collaborate with a local teacher, but I would also have the responsibility of teaching students individually. Direct involvement in the classroom would enable me to experience how education operates in a different nation and how culture shapes the classroom. Exposure to the local community would help me contextualize specific educational needs in Mutungo, and how to better connect with the students in my class.