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Koret Fellowship Program

Christy Huang

Biology major, class of 2019

In Summer of 2017, Volunteers Around the World, a non-governmental organization, plans to go to Cambodia for fifteen days to help assist doctors and teach children about nutrition and hygiene. The goal is for students to see how healthcare in Cambodia works and how their health care system can be improved since their healthcare system is more limited that in America. We will be learning about common diseases in Cambodia and traveling to rural communities in the city. We will be doing rotations in the medical mobile clinics in Cambodia. Before we go on the trip, we will learn how to take vitals (blood pressure, pulse rates, height and weight) and about the culture of Cambodia so that when we get there, we are prepared with our goals. We will also be reflecting on our experience on the trip and how healthcare can be improved in Cambodia.

This opportunity will advance my career goals because I want to work in the medical field when I grow up. I would really like to be able to see how healthcare in a developing country is like and how healthcare is different from America. I think that this opportunity to work with doctors and having the opportunity to teach children about hygiene and taking care of their health will allow me to firsthand experience what it is like working in the healthcare field.