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Koret Fellowship Program

Zohal Karimy

English major, Class of 2018

This research opportunity with Professor Velasco would allow me to create a curriculum for Winter 2018 course on global literature and international cinema, and eventually teach the newly constructed course alongside him as a peer educator. Furthermore, I will be figuring out ways to combine the selected films and books by creating projects that would allow students to think critically about the overall course objectives. I will be documenting my research by providing annotated bibliographies of the films and books that I hope to implement within this new curriculum. After participating in the course, I hope to write about the success/failure of my research.

I hope to become an English Professor in the future and this opportunity will expose me to the kind of work that I will be doing. This research opportunity will allow me to build on my experience as an educator which is always valuable. I will also be more prepared for graduate school, as well as the work I do for my dissertation, by learning how to conduct proper research. There is a great deal of research that I will be required to do in graduate school and for my PhD. Preparing myself early on in my academic career will only benefit by future career.