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Koret Fellowship Program

Jeanette Le

Psychology major, Class of 2018

I will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain during the fall quarter of 2017. This is a study abroad program for Liberal Arts & Business majors through IES. Since this program is taking place in Spain, students are required to take a Spanish class as part of the curriculum. Since Barcelona is a city with huge influences in culture and arts, the courses have related activities that connect to the surroundings.

I hope that these classes and more will help me further my education and knowledge. I personally decided on choosing Barcelona because I have always loved how culturally rich this location is. It is very much different from what I’m used to here in California where I have lived my whole life. Additionally, I took one year of Spanish sophomore year, so I wanted to use this experience to further my language skills. I think that living in a Spanish speaking country for a few months would definitely give me the opportunity to apply what I have learned and develop my skills further.