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Koret Fellowship Program

Makda Mehari

Biology major, class of 2020

In completing summer school, I hope to complete Chemistry 12, and Chemistry 13 with an exceptional grade. This would help me stay on track with my Biology major. Because Chemistry is taken as a series, it is very easy to fall very behind with classes. By taking summer classes, it would also give me the opportunity to help my G.P.A and improve my learning experience in Chemistry. After my first quarters, I went through a major realization of my study habits and how to be successful here in college. I hope to leave summer school feeling accomplished and proud of the work I put in. Not only will it boost my confidence, it will also prove to myself and to future employers, that I took responsibility for my mistakes and made the most of it. Before making this decision, I consulted many different professors, students, alumni and did major self evaluation. My choice is completely based on my future and my anticipated major. By fixing my mistakes now, I can make my four year schedule much more smooth. By becoming a Biology major, I hope to obtain a career in the medical field whether that is through becoming a general physician or through doing more research. I know that my passion relates to helping people through medicine.