Koret Fellowship Program

Makda Mehari Fellowship 17-18
Makda Mehari

Biology major, Class of 2020

Many youth from other countries work with have recommended the National Union of Eritrean Youth and will work with them this summer. Not only do I plan to immerse myself in the Eritrean community in Eritrea, but also other Eritreans from around the world. After hearing about the fellowship from different friends in Resident Life and Igwebuike, I knew I wanted to apply. Hearing their unique stories of exploring the world and integrating their education into a non-profit of their choice convinced me to reach out and explore the fellowship. The fellowship is special because of the freedom given to applicants. Not only are we given the power to choose a non-profit, but we are also allowed to explore the world at the same time. As a first generation Eritrean American student, I know what it means to give back to a community
and I see the positive effect of a community. Growing up, my parents embedded values in me which has helped me understand how lucky I am to be getting an amazing education in an amazing country. My love for my country goes deep and goes back hundreds of generations. My father, a veteran in the war of independence and my mother, one of the head leaders of the Eritrean community church, both have raised me to keep my head high, to be strong and to never forget my roots. This fellowship would allow me to dive deeper into my home country and give
back to those who are not as fortunate as me. While many youth go to Eritrea, they oftentimes stay in a hotel, eat at restaurants everyday, and do not embrace the spirit of the nation. Working for a non-profit will force me to dive deeper and truly give back.