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Koret Fellowship Program

Jason Nguyen

Biology, Spanish, and Public Health major, Class of 2018

I will be studying abroad through the CIEE Summer Language and Culture program in Seville, Spain, starting on June 19 and ending on July 17. Through this program, I will be doing a local homestay and taking a class on the three cultures in Spain (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism).

My main objective for studying abroad in Spain is to improve my Spanish speaking skills. As an aspiring health care professional, I think it is really important to be able to overcome not only language but also cultural barriers when interacting with patients, which is why I don't think it's enough to learn Spanish from the textbooks. It is necessary to meet people from many different backgrounds and perspectives, which studying abroad will allow me to do.

As an aspiring health care professional, I want to improve the health care industry by improving communication between provider and patient, specifically addressing language and cultural barriers that have resulted in disparity in quality of health care. That is why I wish to study abroad through a program focused on language and cultural immersion. I want to improve my ability to communicate to Spanish-speakers, who make up a large portion of our population the U.S., especially in California.