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Koret Fellowship Program

Catrina Nguyen Fellowship 17-18
Catrina Nguyen

Computer Science and Engineering major and Bioengineering minor, Class of 2020

By the end of our research, we expect to understand the dynamics of the consensus-HD protein at both room temperature (25 °C) and at 100 °C, specifically how the consensus-HD reacts at both temperatures compared to UVF and EnHD. We also expect to collect data on the dynamics of the naturally thermostable protein of our choosing and be able to compare the results to the simulation data from the engineered thermostable proteins. By the end of our research project, we hope to gain more insight on how proteins can be engineered to be both thermostable and functional.

I plan to present our research at several conferences in 2019; specifically the Protein
Society Annual Symposium and the West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference, and other future conferences as well. The research will also be included in a scientific publication in a peer-reviewed journal in the future.