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Koret Fellowship Program

Alexis Perez

Accounting major, Class of 2019

I will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain through IES Abroad - a non profit study abroad organization that offers different programs in various countries for students looking to pursue their international education. My specific program is Liberal Arts & Business where classes are offered either at the IES center in Barcelona or through local universities that the organization is partnered with. There is also an opportunity to pursue a part-time internship for those students looking to gain more hands-on professional international business experience. The program itself emphasizes becoming integrated into the culture within Barcelona and improving Spanish speaking skills. I will be taking courses in spanish and fulfilling my requirements for natural science, finance, and my religion, theology and culture 3. In addition to this, I am hoping to acquire a part-time internship as well.

Through studying abroad in Barcelona I hope to experience personal growth and expect to return home and share my experiences with younger members of my family. I would like to be able to inspire them to pursue higher education and eventually study abroad as well by showing them that I was able to make it happen after coming from similar backgrounds as them. While abroad I plan on volunteering within the local community and the IES Abroad program makes it easily accessible once I start my term. Specifically, IES provides the opportunity to serve dinner to the homeless which is a project I’d like to pursue during my time there. Another part of the IES program is DiscoverIES  which is a variety of trips offered throughout the term that are either course-related or focused on culture. These trips will allow me to explore a new country and learn about different parts of the community while also relating it back to my courses and getting to know the students in my IES community.