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Koret Fellowship Program

Monica Pereznegron

Psychology major, Class of 2018

Participating in the Barcelona IES program will allow me to flourish in my academic, professional and personal goals. My time in Barcelona will allow me to use both my Psychology major and minor in Sociology to compare individual behavior and social norms in a new country, more specifically looking at the concept of personal beliefs and social values around health. I want to be able to compare the health care system in Spain to the one in the United States, which in turn coincides with my Public Health minor. Taking courses such as Spanish for Global Health and Cultural Perspectives in Psychology will contribute to my academic goals and personal goals of comparing and contrasting the healthcare system in Spain with cultural norms at both individual level and societal level. This experience will then in turn positively impact my professional goals of being a Nurse Practitioner or healthcare professional by allowing me to be well rounded and educated in health care systems in Europe and to have new perspectives.