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Koret Fellowship Program

Carolina Ramirez

Sociology & Psychology major, Class of 2019

The Marquette South Africa Service Learning Program is one of Santa Clara's international study programs. Students in this program will be taking classes at the University of Western Cape along with local students. This five-month program has a strong emphasis on transferring one’s education to the real world. It offers the students studying abroad a variety of opportunities to get to know about South Africa’s people, history, and traditions, both inside and outside of the classroom. It would grant me the chance to explore the city to get acquainted through trips to historical and cultural sites. We will be required to live in a house specifically for study abroad students, where we will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other on our different projects. It also has a distinctive service-learning component where students will be placed in a local organization for two days out of the week where students will learn about the inequalities present in the community. The service-learning component will allow me to make a difference in the ongoing transformation of South Africa.

Participation in the Marquette University program will contribute to one of my personal goals of learning how to be an ally and an advocate for people who belong to other social groups than me. I’ll learn from community leaders in Cape Town and work alongside fellow students who have similar passions to reach this goal. This program will advance my academic goals as well by enriching my studies in the social sciences. I will understand how universal issues, like oppression and high unemployment, affects the people in South Africa.