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Koret Fellowship Program

Edith Romero

Child Studies & Ethnic Studies major, Class of 2018

The past 3 years of my undergraduate career I have been preparing myself to be an educator, specifically for underserved communities, through my course load and my experiences outside of the classroom. I come from a background where I was not given the opportunity to have the same amount of support that I plan on providing for my students. I always hoped to have a mentor that would answer my questions about which classes to take what classes would actually be helpful. The fellowship will allow me to stay on path to graduate on time, June 2018. I need to take a class that will help me prepare to write my capstone paper for my child studies major. I hope to be able to focus my time on gathering data and information about the way that undocumented students or immigrant students are affected by the school system. I want to take a look at the systemic structures that are constantly hindering students from being able to succeed in the education system. This is a very delicate topic that I really want to focus a good amount of time on. The only way I can do this is by not having to worry about overloading and taking several other classes that will also require my attention and time. After the courses end, I hope to be able to conduct research in the Los Angeles area, my home town. The information I can then juxtapose with information and data that I collect here, in the Bay Area.