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Koret Fellowship Program

Iaisha Sadat

Public Health Science major, class of 2019

By enrolling and completing Chemistry 13 over the 2017 Summer Quarter, I will be able to graduate with a Public Health Science bachelors on time. This is a vital course I must take in order to gain more in-depth knowledge of the chemistry subject and further my learning experience to more advanced courses such as the Organic Chemistry Series.

I am committed to attending an accelerated graduate school to obtain two masters simultaneously in Physician Assistant and Public Health Studies (to further deepen my knowledge of bettering health care implementation and awareness of health care injustices). This will allow me to give direct medical care to impoverished individuals while having the accreditation to influence healthcare and create more equitable policies regarding poor communities. I have a profound passion to bring more equitable access to healthcare in disadvantage local and global communities. The work schedule of a physician assistant will allow me to put more time into volunteering at nonprofit organizations. And the public health background will give me the knowledge on the structure of health care system and how to influence policy for improvement. Chemistry 13 is not only a requirement for my Public Health Science major, but for all physician assistant schools. In order for me to receive my bachelor degree and apply to physician assistant schools, I must complete this course with an excellent grade. The summer quarter will to not only complete the requirements, but allow me to perform excellently as it would be the only class I would enroll in.