Koret Fellowship Program

Alejandra Sánchez Fellowship 17-18
Alejandra Sánchez

​Spanish, Sociology, & Ethnic Studies triple major and Latin American Studies minor, Class of 2019

I am constantly striving to learn more, educate myself, and find ways to create a global equitable playing field for all. Through the IME fellowship, I would get to immerse myself with a completely new group of people, ideas, culture, and faith practices. More importantly, I expect to learn about the ways in which I can become an ally to marginalized Guyanese communities. Although Guyana is not considered a Latin American country, I am intrigued to learn about the influences, if any, of Latin American countries on Guyana in terms of food, practices, etc. In addition, I am interested in learning how the community of Jesuits built a relationship with Guyanese indigenous communities and what Jesuit-run organizations are doing to maintain and practice solidarity with the indigenous Guyanese community. I am especially interested in
learning how I can use my privileges to better support and bring awareness to how indigenous communities’ day-to-day life is impacted by globalization, deforestation, and policies.