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Koret Fellowship Program

Noann Sanchez

Psychology & Sociology major, Class of 2019

Upon deciding which program was going to work best for me I took careful consideration on how the Barcelona IES would fulfill my goals. First off, in terms of my academics this program offered classes that really related to my two majors; psychology and sociology. All the classes I have chosen involve me looking at a groups of people and studying how certain actions or events have affected the behavior of the population, such as cultural psychology. Also, a lot of these classes emphasize going into the city in order to show what we are learning outside of the classroom. The emphasis of getting out of the classroom and interacting with the population is where I feel that attending the IES Barcelona program will help with my professional goals. I aspire to work in the criminal field, specifically with juvenile delinquents, but haven't decided how. However, this program not only offers a criminal studies course to help me look into the field, but also volunteer opportunities through DiscoverIES. For example one of the opportunities involve teaching English to an age group I think want to work with in the future.

Finally, looking at my personal goals, I have specifically chosen a Spanish course in which you go out in the community to speak the language. This will help me fulfill my wish of fluency as well as being fully integrated into the community around me. I wish to be fluent because I have never really been fully able to communicate with my entire family the way that I have wanted to. Furthermore, I have leaned toward potentially being a juvenile delinquent counselor because of my passion for social justice. This will be achieved with the volunteer opportunities. I will accomplish my dream of exploring the world around me, and Barcelona IES will allow me to do that through the field trips offered. Also, being exposed to different cultures will help me when dealing with children from all different backgrounds, which will then only add to how much I can help them.