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Koret Fellowship Program

Michelle Wu

Accounting Information Systems major, class of 2018

I will further my knowledge through my other courses and my internship while participating in the London FIE program. I will be taking British Life and Visual Media, Ethical Leadership, International Trade, and Photojournalism Through the Lens. These classes will allow me to learn more about the British culture, gain business skills and an international perspective.

The London FIE program includes an internship for the second half of the semester. I look forward to learning a lot from an internship in accounting or management information systems, depending on where I am placed. If I do work for an accounting firm, I will get to further reinforce what I learned in my summer internship with Ernst and Young, while getting a hands-on experience to adapt what I learned in the classroom to real life. While abroad, I will also get to see the difference in accounting standards the rest of the world follows, Internal Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), versus what the United States follows, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This will be insightful since GAAP plans to merge with IFRS in the future to make reporting more consistent and comparable. This will also give me experience with IFRS and a global experience, which will prepare me when working with firms that have branches across the world. I can more easily work with clients from other countries, as well as be well-equipped if I work in another country, which I hope to do in the future. The reason why I chose London was because I want to work in Europe as a young adult, and want to get an initial experience as a student before committing. If I get an internship in management information systems, I will get to use all of the coding languages and other skills I have gained in my MIS classes. This will give me a different experience from my accounting internship, and will expose me to a new career path that I may pursue in the future.