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Request a Tour/Panel

Thank you for your interest in a tour and/or panel of Santa Clara University!

The primary resource for tours and panels is the Undergraduate Admissions office. We encourage you to first request a tour and/or panel from their offices. Click here for information about their tours and panels.

The LEAD Scholars Program is a secondary resource for campus tours and/or panels. We prioritize and offer tours and panels to schools, non-profits, and other groups with high numbers of students who are future first-generation college students themselves. Depending on space and LEAD student availability, we are able to offer tours and panels for student groups as small as 5 and as large at 50.

All of these tours and panels are coordinated and led on a voluntary basis by current SCU students who are first-generation college students participating in LEAD Scholars Program. The availability of tours and panels are based on the availability of students**. We offer tours and panel during the academic year (mid-September to early June) and not during the summer months. We specifically offer tours from weeks 2-7 of each academic quarter (SCU is on a quarter system, not semester system) to allow our LEAD Scholars to focus on the start of each quarter and final exams. Please refer to the university academic calendar for specific dates.

To request a tour, please complete the tour request form at least three to six weeks prior to your tour and/or panel date to properly accomodate your request. Completing this request does not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you. Once you have made a request, you will be contacted by the LEAD Scholars Program Coordinator who will let you know if we are able to grant your request and to work out details of your visit. In the past, each visiting student is required to provide us with a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. The consent form is available in English and Spanish.

Please complete the form available through the button below. 


"Our students very much appreciated having 1st generation SCU students lead the tour. That was very inspiring for our students, many of whom did not see themselves as having the potential to be university students. Our students were very impressed. The trip to SCU had a big impact on how our students see their future potential."

"I first stepped foot on Santa Clara’s campus when I went on a tour with my high school AVID class. Initially, I was a bit nervous; unsure of what to expect. The tour was hosted by the LEAD program. Seeing someone from a similar background as me leading these group of students, knowing that this person was just like us, made me feel much more welcomed. Knowing this community welcomed people like us made it seem more desirable, and I was able to envision myself on this campus. Afterwards, there was a panel with other LEAD students and we were able to ask questions. I struck up a conversation with a first-year student, and he answered all the questions and I had and I recall feeling great about the type of community that Santa Clara offers."

"The student panel was diverse! They all came from different walks of life. This helped our students see that there is no 'one-correct pathway' to get to a Private University. Also, I think the bilingual message that was given to the students was great! It definitely resonated and encouraged them to dream & think BIG!"