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SCU First Gen Staff/Faculty Profiles

Jamie Chang
Assistant Professor, Public Health
Where did you attend college?

U.C. San Diego

What was your college experience like as a first-generation college student?

Navigating college culture and college systems can be especially challenging for first-gen students. College was an enormous culture shock as an Asian American from a working class background. In a way, I felt college was an equalizer, because I believed I was equal to my peers. At the same time, as a first-gen student, I did not feel as prepared for college as many of my friends. Figuring out 'how to college' was hard at the beginning.

What message do you have to share with current first-generation college students?

You already have all the skills you need to be successful within you. But you will absolutely need mentors and a support system to help activate those skills. So reach out to others, and be open to help too.