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SCU First Gen Staff/Faculty Profiles

Lorenzo Gamboa
Director of Diversity, Outreach, Inclusion - Undergraduate Admission
Where did you attend college?

Santa Clara University and University of Arizona

What was your college experience like as a first-generation college student?

Tough. Exciting. Confusing. Scarry. Inspirational! Looking back I dont think there was anything else I could do to prepare. The one attribute that we all have as first gen students is GANAS. We know no better and we try and try again. This grit and determination is something that will continue to open unimmaginable doors for all of you. Never question your abililty to succeed. If you are there, you can and will succeed.

What message do you have to share with current first-generation college students?

Never hesitate to ask for help or just get to know others. You are only as strong as the network you learn to build and develop.