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Resources COVID-19

Spring VaccineSpring Vaccine (2)

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a significant impact on our lives.  If there is anything we can do to help or best support you, please reach out to Erin, Jessica, Andrea, or Marqus! In the midst of the changing pandemic, know that we are here and we care; we are all in this together! 

Here you will find a link to the Santa Clara University website for all the recent COVID-19 updates.

If you'd like assistance locating vaccine appointments, COVID-19 testing, and/or resources related to the impacts of COVID-19 please make an appointment with Jessica Johns, LEAD Associate Director of Student Advocacy, here

We hope is that you will be able to "adjust your sail" and keep moving forward! 



Students can reach out to Jessica Johns, LEAD Assistant Director for Student Advocacy, at for help with locating a mental health professional.

CAPS offers virtual therapy, please see the Cowell Center website, here, for more details or call at 408-554-4501.

Mental health resource information for those with health insurance:

  • Students who have the SCU student health insurance plan have mental health coverage through their plan. The plan has an in-network copay of $20 and out of network copay of $20 and 40% coinsurance (no deductible). 
    • That out of network coverage means that if a student saw a provider (who doesn't take Anthem Blue Cross) who charges $100 per session, they would pay a $20 copay and $40 (40%) coinsurance - meaning the visit would cost $60.
  • Students who have commercial health insurance (ie Blue Cross, Aetna, etc) may be able to use their insurance to find a therapist in their area who is doing virtual therapy. Please check with your health insurance company.
  • Almaden Valley Counseling Service
    • Email or call (408) 997-0200 x 265
    • They are offering online services, but there maybe a waiting list
  • YWCA 24/7 support line available at 1-800-572-2782


Mental Health Therapy – Check with your insurance company as some may offer coverage for teletherapy.

  • Do you have teletherapy coverage through your insurance?
  • Do you have a medical line to call 24/7 through your insurance?
  • Do you already see a doctor/therapist/psychiatrist who could move services online?
  • Do you have a prescription drug program that will ship your prescriptions to your home?
  • Do you have a local pharmacy that will deliver?