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Santa Clara University is committed to supporting undocumented students and students from mixed-status families.

The Undocumented Student Working Group and the LEAD Scholars Program work to support undocumented students and students of mixed-status families, advocate for their needs and educate the broader campus about the undocumented student experience. 

Undocumented Students' On-Campus Resources

Contacts for undocumented students:

Victor Lemus,, 408-554-3431

Location: Benson Center, East Wing

Campus Ministry facilitates an annual fall retreat for undocumented students. Its staff has experience working with undocumented students around questions of belonging, belief, and growth, and is eager to support these students, usually through one-on-one conversations. Campus Ministry offers religious and spiritual support and guidance on both a group and individual basis, including student groups, retreats, spiritual accompaniment, and religious services.

Contacts for undocumented students:

Jillandra Rovaris,

Kathy Lee-Anderson,

Location: Cowell Health Center, 408-554-4501

The Cowell Center provides medical and psychological support for SCU students. Counseling may be especially important and helpful for undocumented students who have or are experiencing any psychological challenges including trauma and/or stress and anxiety related to their immigration status or other life circumstances. Undocumented students are eligible to receive free counseling and health services by completing a waiver form. The waiver form must be completed each year and before services are accessed. The fees cannot be waived retroactively. All other services require a fee.

Contact for undocumented students:

Laura Fujieda,, 408-554-6914

Gloria Hermosillo,, 408-551-7098

Location: Academic Advising: Kenna Hall, 101

The Drahmann Center offers academic advising and tutoring for all students. Some of their advisors are experienced in supporting undocumented students and happy to provide academic support and referrals.

Contacts for undocumented students:

Anna Sampaio,, 408-554-2289, St. Joseph’s, Room 106

Jesica S. Fernandez,, 408-551-3295, St. Joseph’s, Room 121

Location: St. Joseph’s Hall, Room 108

The Ethnic Studies Department provides a supportive academic environment to explore issues of diversity including race, ethnicity, class, inequality, and immigration while offer academic advising and mentoring and programming that meets the needs of all students interested in diversity issues. The department curriculum is centered in the experiences of historically marginalized communities of color in the U.S. and offers an array of classes intended to help understand the contemporary racial and ethnic dynamics, analyze their connection to intersecting forms of subordination, and mobilize for change locally and nationally. The department offers specific classes on Chicana/o and Latina/o populations, organizing, immigration, incarceration and detention particularly pertinent to the contemporary circumstances, as well as internship opportunities for students looking to work on sustainable forms of change.  They are also actively engaged in supporting and advocating for undocumented students on campus.

Contacts for undocumented students:

Enrollment Services Center,, 408-551-1000

Location: Schott Admissions and Enrollment Building

The Financial Aid Office helps students including undocumented students find ways to make to Santa Clara University affordable. Although undocumented student do not qualify for federal aid, undocumented students that meet the AB540 criteria can be consider for state aid programs by the California Dream Act.

Contacts for undocumented students:

Charles Mansour,, (408) 554-5346

Valerie Sarma,, (408) 554-5272 (on leave 1/16-summer)

Location: Sobrato Residence Hall, Room 34

The Ignatian Center promotes and enhances the Jesuit Catholic Tradition at Santa Clara University. For students they offer community-based learning opportunities including the Arrupe Weekly Engagement Program, which offers community-based learning placements through classes that fulfill the ELSJ, the Donovan Fellowship in which students receive a grant of $2000 for participating in community-based learning over the summer, Immersion Programs that take students into underserved communities throughout the US and abroad, and the Thriving Neighbors Initiative (TNI) Community Development Fellows Program in which students engage in an internship at a community-based organization in the Greater Washington Neighborhood of San Jose. These opportunities are open to undocumented students with the exception of some immersion programs that take place in other states or abroad depending on current federal policies. The Ignatian Center staff is available to discuss which immersion programs would be the best fit for you. Scholarships for immersion programs are also available for all students.

Contacts for undocumented students:

Erin Kimura-Walsh,, 408-554-2129, Alameda Hall 204

Andrea Jacksom,, 408-551-3609, Alameda Hall 202

Jessica Johns,, click here to make an appointment.

Location: Alameda Hall, 2nd floor

The LEAD Scholars Program’s primary focus is to support first-generation college students but also acts as a hub for resources and support for undocumented students. All undocumented students are encouraged to join the LEAD Scholars Program and can access the opportunities available through the program including leadership positions, fellowships and microgrants. The LEAD Scholars Program also provides specialized advising for undocumented students on navigating college life and post-college opportunities, and on and off-campus referrals including connections to legal resources. For all of its participants, the LEAD Scholars Program provides a range of support services, including peer and alumni mentoring, advising, courses, career and vocational guidance, programming, priority registration, fellowships, and emergency and basic needs funding to meet the needs of first-generation college students.

Contact for undocumented students:

Raymond Plaza,, 408-551-3383

Location: Walsh Administration, Room 103

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion primarily focuses on diversity issues among staff and faculty, but also support and advocate for undocumented students. They will be offering Undocu Safe Space trainings for faculty and staff to better prepare them to support undocumented students.


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Contact for undocumented students:

Joanna Thompson, Director,, 408-551-7171

Location: 832 Market Street 

The Office for Multicultural Learning provides campus programming and trainings for students regarding a range of diversity issues. They are actively engaged in supporting and advocating for undocumented students on campus.

Contact for undocumented students:

Heather Dumas-Dyer, , 408-554-4868

Location: Benson Center, Room 212

The Office of Residence Life is committed to the care, support and development of the whole student and the development of constructive and inclusive communities. We offer student centered programming and leadership opportunities and are intentional about all aspects of student wellness. We strive to have inclusive communities where all are welcome, feel a sense of belonging, where differences can be appreciated, and where students can have open, honest and respectful dialogue and learn from one another, even in challenging situations. We are committed to students’ residential experiences and provide the live-in staff support to ensure students are supported.

Contact for undocumented students:

Matthew Duncan,, 408-554-4583

Location: Benson Center, Room 205

The Office of Student Life responds to the student welfare issues and judicial needs of students. In cases of student welfare, they can provide logistical and emotional support, referral both on and off campus, and outreach services to faculty and other campus members re. emergencies or other welfare issues. OSL can offer loans for basic living and academic expenses. These services are available to undocumented students.

 The Office of Student Life also addresses cases of bias. If you experience or witness a bias incident you can report it to the Office of Student Life, Campus Safety, or anonymously at

Contacts for undocumented students:

Paola Garcia,, 408-554-5261

Lorenzo Gamboa,, 408-554-5024

Schott Admissions and Enrollment Building

The Undergraduate Admissions office recruits and admits Santa Clara University undergraduate students, including undocumented students. They actively support and advocate for all students, including those who are undocumented, and are available to talk with prospective undocumented students about applying to SCU and the policies that help them in California and beyond if applicable.


Faculty Advisor: Jesica S. Fernandez, AYAL,, 408-551-3295, Ethnic Studies Department, St. Joseph’s, Room 121

USAA is a SCU registered student organization developed to support and advocate for undocumented students and the broader undocumented community. USAA seeks to provide a safe and supportive community for undocumented students and allies. USAA also organizes around the development and implementation of programming to educate the broader SCU community about issues, experiences and social conditions of undocumented students and communities.

Many campus opportunities are available to undocumented students including leadership positions, and other co-curricular experiences. If you have questions or concerns about how to navigate these opportunities, please contact Erin Kimura-Walsh, LEAD Scholars Program, at or 408-554-2129.

Unfortunately, with the uncertainty of the next administration’s policies, it is not advised that undocumented students study abroad or participate in other SCU trips that may take them abroad, like immersions, and spring or summer travel with registered student organizations or academic departments. 

Examples of travel by registered student organizations are those by Global Medical Brigades, Engineers Without Borders, MEDLIFE, Scuba Club, and Core Christian Fellowship.


If you need to opt out of international travel, please contact:

  • Andrea Muilenburg for Study Abroad at, 408-554-6940
  • Tedd Vanadilok for registered student organization travel at, 408-554-5423
  • Erin Kimura-Walsh, LEAD Scholars Program at or 408-554-2129 for other experiences that you may need assistance opting out of.