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2019-2020 Neighborhood Units

Unique on-campus living opportunities await...

The housing application for 2019-2020 Neighborhood Units is available October 31st, 2018! Complete your application by Friday, November 9th!! 

2019-2020 Neighborhood Unit Housing Application

  1. The on-campus housing application for 2019-2020 Neighborhood Units is completed via your eCampus account by selecting "Manage Housing." Therefore, in order to submit a Housing Application, you'll need your eCampus login and password. 
  2. Of course, you'll also need access to the internet; we have found that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the optimal web browsers to use when completing the housing application. 
  3. A $350 pre-payment deposit; deposits can ONLY be paid using a debit or credit card. Obtaining a waiver for the pre-payment deposit is not available. 
  4. Before beginning a housing application, you should confirm if you will apply as an individual or if you will apply with a group of other students.
    1. If you apply as an individual you will need to create an Individual Profile in order to go through the room selection process.
    2. If you apply as a member of a group, one member of the group will need to create a Group Profile and all other members of the group will need to connect their application to this Group Profile. Details about creating a Group Profile as well as how to add a Group Profile to your application are available in the video demo.
  5. Make sure that you and all the members of your group complete the housing application by November 9, 2018.
  6. Housing requires all Neighborhood Unit applicants to attend four OCHO programs by November 14, 2018. If you previously attended OCHO programs, they will count for the Neighborhood Unit application process. The OCHO requirement is an effort to further educate our students and set our students up for a successful off-campus living experience. Failure to attend four OCHO programs by November 9,2018 will result in the cancellation of your 2019-2020 NU housing contract.
    1. Note: If you are currently studying abroad and would like to participate in the NU process, you will need to email by November 9, 2018. 
  7. Read through all the NU information online and contact if you have questions. 

The deadline to complete the 2019-2020 Junior/Senior Housing Application is 11:59PM on Friday, November 9, 2018. 

Room Selection for Neighborhood Units

Returning Neighborhood Unit residents will receive confirmation emails of community/building placement November 16, 2018 on your email account. 

New Neighborhood Unit residents will receive confirmation emails of community/building placement November 26, 2018 on your email account. 

All Neighborhood Unit room selection tasks must be complete by Friday, November 30, 2018

Neighborhood Units
Students who currently live in the Neighborhood Units, and who wished to return for the 2019-2020 academic year, are given priority to apply for their CURRENT unit. 
Neighborhood Unit placements for new applications will be made based on the highest averaged time-stamps of when group members electronically sign the University Housing Contract within the 2019-20209 Neighborhood Unit Housing Application. The earlier all the members of your group sign the contract, the greater the odds are that you will receive your preferred Neighborhood Unit placement. 

Once you have been informed of either your group's Neighborhood Unit placement, your group will also be emailed at your This email will contain a floor plan of the Neighborhood Unit and access to a room assignment form. Each group member will need place themselves a bedroom and designate the room type of the bedroom (ex. single, double, or triple).


Study Abroad Questions

If you plan to study abroad during Fall 2019 and your roommate agrees to pay the single rate for the Fall 2019 quarter, we'll hold a space within the room for you. When you return for Winter 2020, you and your roommate will each be billed the double rate for the room.

You must complete a 2019-2020 Neighborhood Unit Housing application, including the $350 prepayment, and complete the 4 required OCHO programs.  

We suggest that if you are applying to study abroad and have any interest in living on campus upon your return, that you go ahead and complete the 2019-2020 Housing application. If you end up not studying abroad, you'll have more options as it relates to on-campus housing. If you do spend Fall 2019 studying abroad, the Housing Office will hold onto your application and contact you in October 2019 to ascertain your interest in on-campus housing for when you return for Winter & Spring 2020.