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2023-2024 Sophomores

Apply to live on campus during your Sophomore year!


As a reminder, there is a residency requirement for sophomores, unless they receive a residency exception. You can access the residency exception form via eCampus, in your housing portal.

The housing application for 2023-2024 Sophomores will open at 9:00AM on Wednesday, February 1, 2023!

2023-2024 Sophomore Housing Application

  1. Of course, you'll need access to the Internet. If you are having issues with the application, please try another browser. We have found that Chrome works the best.  
  2. The on-campus housing application for 2023-2024 Sophomores is completed via your eCampus account by selecting "Manage Housing" in the additional resources section. Therefore, in order to submit a Housing Application, you'll need your eCampus login and password. 
  3. A $500 pre-payment deposit; deposits can ONLY be paid using a debit or credit card. Obtaining a waiver for the pre-payment deposit is not available. 
  4. Before beginning a housing application, you should confirm if you will apply with a group of other students or if you will be applying as an individual. If you apply as a member of a group, one member of the group will need to create a Group Profile and all other members of the group will need to connect their application to the Group's Profile. If you are not applying as a member of a group, you will not need to do anything.
  5. Make sure that you and all the members of your group complete the housing application by 11:59PM on March 10, 2023, in order to receive priority considerations; applications submitted AFTER March 10 are considered LATE.
  6. Students registered with the Office of Accessible Education will be notified by the Housing Office on next steps once their application is submitted. 
  7. Make sure you only submit your application once you are sure about the answers you have provided, as changes cannot be made once you submit your application.

Explore these various living options available to Sophomores. Below you'll find the various room types within each building.

2023-2024 Sophomore Living Options 

Alpha RLC (Graham Hall)

  • Mini-Suite Double
  • Mini-Suite Extended Triple

Magis RLC (Campisi and Sanfilippo Halls)

  • Standard Double

Cura RLC (Finn Hall)

  • Mini-Suite Double
  • Mini-Suite Extended Triple

CyPhi RLC (Swig Hall)

  • Designed Single
  • Standard Double
  • Suite Triple

da Vinci RLC (Casa Italiana Hall)

  • Design Single
  • Suite Double
  • Apartment Double

Loyola RLC (Sobrato Hall)

  • Suite Single
  • Suite Double
  • Apartment Single 

Modern Perspectives RLC (Dunne Hall)

  • Standard Double
  • Extended Triple

Unity RLC (McLaughlin-Walsh Hall)

  • Standard Double

Nobili Hall

  • Nobili Single with Bathroom
  • Nobili Double with Bathroom
  • Nobili Triple with Bathroom


The deadline for completing the 2023-2024 Sophmore application is 11:59PM on March 10th, 2023. Students who submit their application by this deadline will be processed and will participate in their respective room selection process, before any late applicants are placed.

I completed my application, now what? Room Selection!

  • The week of April 12, 2023 you will receive an email from to your email address with your room selection information, including the date and time you will select your room. For the 2023-2024 process students who indicate on their housing application that they would like to remain in their 2022-2023 RLC will be given priority to return to their RLC. Returning students/groups will select before any new residents. 
  • All individuals within a group must be returners to their RLC. Mixed groups (i.e. resident A from Finn and Resident B from Dunne would go through the Open Room Selection process). 
  • Students looking to move to a new RLC will participate in the Open Room Selection process. During the Open Room Selection process, all spaces that are available at that time will be visible - this includes all spaces across campus.
  • Students registered with the Office of Accessible Education will be notified by the Housing office of next steps. 
    • If you go through the application and room selection process in a group, you waive your housing accommodation.

Once Open Room Selection is complete,  you will be manually placed based on remaining availability.