Transfer Students

Transfers Students & On-Campus Housing

As a transfer student, if you are interested in living on campus, we encouraged to apply for housing as soon as you are admitted to Santa Clara University. As you complete the application, you'll indicate your preferred residence hall placements. At Santa Clara University, there is not a specific transfer student residence hall. As a transfer student, you'll be assigned to any residence hall that aligns with your application preferences. Additionally, your housing assignment will be based on residence hall space availability as well as your eligibility to reside within particular buildings. 

However, please do note that transfer students are only assigned to campus housing if space is available and only after incoming first-year students have been assigned as well as only after the 2019-2020 Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors, who currently reside on campus, have completed the application process. If you have any questions about on-campus housing for transfer students, please do contact the Housing Office at or (408) 554-4900.

Studying students

Students studying on campus.