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Obtain My On-Campus Mail?

Campus Mail at SCU

Campus mail is managed by Mailing Services.

Residents who live in Casa Italiana, Sobrato Hall and University Villas have mailboxes located in those respectice buildings. All other on-campus residents have a mailbox assigned to them at the campus post office which is located in the lower level of Benson Memorial Center. 

The Housing Office assigns specific mailbox numbers. You can find your mailbox number within your Housing Application in eCampus (if you have difficulty finding your mailbox number, please contact the Housing Office at or (408) 554 - 4900 and we'll be happy to assist you! Combinations to the mailboxes are provided by Mailing Services.

If you live in a Neighborhood Unit, your mail is deliveried directly to your home and you simply list the physical address of the Neighborhood Unit as your mailing address. 

How is on-campus (does not apply to Neighborhood Units) resident mail addressed? 

Your Name
500 El Camino Real 
Santa Clara, CA 95053
*XXXX = your four digit mailbox number 

The above address format does not apply to the Neighborhood Units; utilize the physical address of your Neighborhood Unit as your mailing address.