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First-Year/Transfer Move-In Details

In order to provide for the safe and efficient move-in of new students and to provide a welcoming atmosphere for the beginning of the year, the Offices of Housing & Residence Life and Campus Safety Services have developed the following procedures. 

New students move in on Saturday, September 21, 2019 and will be assigned a check-in time and campus entry point based upon the location of their residence hall assignment. Students should bring documentation of their room assignment at the time of check-in to verify location and check-in time. Students are NOT to arrive any earlier than their assigned time. All boxes and property must be labeled before arrival, using tape and permanent marker, with the student’s name; building name and room number clearly visible (i.e. Terri Smith, Campisi 134).

Students whose housing assignment places them in Swig Hall on floors 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10 or in an even-numbered room in all other residence halls can enter their assigned campus checkpoint to begin the move-in process at 8:30AM. Students whose housing assignment places them in Swig Hall on floors 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 or in an odd-numbered room in all other residence halls can enter their assigned campus checkpoint to begin the move-in process at 10:30AM. New students should NOT plan to arrive on campus (or drop off belongings) any earlier than their assigned move-in time.

Campus check-points have been created for all residence halls and they are:

Loyola Hall Lot - North Entrance on El Camino Real: Dunne, Graham, & Swig

Leavey Center - Accolti Way and El Camino Real: Campisi, Casa Italiana & Sanfilippo

Finn/Sobrato Entrance - The Alameda north of El Camino, east curb: Finn & Sobrato

Nobili Parking Lot – North Entrance (Lafayette Street & Lexington Street): McLaughlin-Walsh

The City of Santa Clara will not allow cars to line up on city streets outside of campus checkpoints. Those who arrive at campus prior to their check-in time will need to leave the vicinity of campus so that others with earlier check-in times can complete the move-in process.

Once you have successfully entered your assigned campus check-point, vehicles will be directed to an unloading area by Campus Safety officers and student volunteers. Upon arriving in the unloading area, the resident student should proceed to the main entrance of their assigned residence hall to receive keys and paperwork. Parents or other family members must remain with the vehicle at all times and meet with the student volunteers who will help unload belongings. Once the vehicle has been unloaded, it must immediately be moved to a permanent parking spot, as directed by staff and signage. Unattended vehicles risk being ticketed and towed.

We will have student volunteers to help with moving belongings, but any fragile, irreplaceable or expensive items should be moved by the student or family members. SCU does not accept responsibility for damages or other loss to personal property. Due to the number of people moving into the halls, the use of residence hall elevators will be reserved for student volunteers moving items between floors. Students and their family members are strongly encouraged to use stairways to move from floor to floor on move-in day rather than the elevators.

Students and families will want to get all belongings completely moved into their residence hall rooms and conduct any other necessary business before the 3:00PM beginning of Welcome Weekend festivities. We appreciate your willingness to work within these procedures so that we can ensure an efficient and enjoyable move-in process for all of our new students.

Saturday, September 21st, 2019 Move-In Map