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Lock Out Policy

Are you locked out of your room...?

Locked Out Monday through Friday between 8:00AM and 5:00PM?

Come to the Housing Office, located in Benson 212, to obtain a loaner key or temporary access card. The first three lock outs are free but each subsequent lock out will incur a fine that progressively increases with each subsequent lock out. 

Locked Out after 5:00PM or During the Weekend?

Contact Campus Safety at (408) 554 - 4441 and a member of the Campus Safety team will meet you at a designated location. Campus Safety will meet you at either your residence hall room or at the lobby of your building and will then let you into your room. These after-hours, weekend & holiday lock outs are reported to the Housing Office by Campus Safety and also count towards your overall lock out count and will incur fines as described below. 


Have your access card but it is not working? Be sure you have hit a "Hot Spot" in the last 30 days:

A Hotspot is an online wall reader and access point that simultaneously pushes updates to your ACCESS card and grants entry to the door when you tap and hold your physical card or enrolled mobile device.  

Hotspots are available at exterior building entrances and ensure the most up-to-date access permissions for faculty, staff, and students. All users are required to tap and hold their ACCESS card up to a Hotspot at least once every 30 days to ensure their access remains active.


The Offices of Housing and Residence Life recognize that students will occasionally lock themselves out of their room. Residents who check out loaner keys or key cards, or call Campus Safety Services for assistance more than three times in the academic year will be subject to fines. The first three lockouts during the academic year will not result in a fine. Fines are assessed after the third free lockout.

After the third lockout, an incremental fee structure applies:

4th Lockout = $50
5th Lockout = $75
6th Lockout & Each Subsequent Lockout) = $100

Students should take great care in securing their keys/key card when leaving campus for break periods. Due to the high volume of lockouts during the first 24 hours after break periods, the Housing Office reserves the right to increase the fine up to $100 for lockouts performed during this period.


Free lockouts per academic year!


After your 3rd lock out there is an associated fine starting with $50.00 for your 4th lockout.