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The deadline has passed but should you wish to join a group, contact the staff responsible for the community you'd like to join. Contact information can be found at

The Office of Residence Life has always valued student connections and relationships. It should come as no surprise that we are adapting with the times to bring you a new and exciting virtual engagement experience: Zoommunity.


What is Zoommunity?

Zoommunity is a virtual Residential Learning Community that leverages the dynamic messaging platform, Slack, with other digital engagement tools like Zoom. Although Broncos are living around the world, you can come together in Zoommunity. 

In this community, you can connect with people you’ve never met before and build relationships. One day, you’ll have the chance to meet in person. Until then, you can form study groups, join a workout class, set up coffee dates, attend how-to tutorials, join affinity or interest groups, and so much more… All virtually. (And yes, everyone is invited, including your Resident Directors and Faculty Directors.) You can also create student-only channels and community spaces.


Anyone who is looking for a more intimate community should sign up for Zoommates within Zoommunity. Inspired by the residence halls with suites and neighborhoods, Zoommates are small groups of students who want to connect regularly and have small group events. If you’d like to participate in a group the link is below. 

Zoommunity Leader (ZL)

Looking for a leadership role? Anyone who is a returning student at Santa Clara University (2nd year and up) can apply to be a Zoommunity Leader (ZL). With no experience required, ZLs will be an identified leader within a Zoommate group. They are the connectors, the community builders, and the event planners. Since this is a volunteer position, the time expectation is low (~3 hours per week). Although there is no $ compensation, there are benefits to the position. ZLs get personal advising and support from our dynamic professional staff team throughout the position so you can build your skills in interpersonal communication and community engagement while focusing on your personal and professional development. You would meet regularly with a professional staff member to make it all happen.

Zoommunity Slack

Even if you aren't sure about joining a Zoommates group yet (we highly reccomend!) you can connect to your RLC community via Slack. Set up an account, and download the app on your phone, download a desktop app for laptop, and access your community's "workspace" in your web browser.

You can follow announcements and get links to events, ask questions, and connect with other students in smaller "channels." It's a great way to connect with the community from afar.

Check your email for the invitation to sign up for your RLC's Slack and start looking for a profile pic! 

Sign Up

If you are interested in joining a Zoommate group or becoming a Zoommunity Leader (ZL), go to Sign up or apply by Sunday, September 20th at 11:59PM.

If you'd like to join your RLC's Zoommunity Slack channel, download the Slack app and join your RLC's "workspace" using the link in the email you received introducing your RLC. Having issues? Contact your Resident Director or interim Resident Director. Visit your RLC website for their contact information.