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2477/2479 Park Avenue Duplex

Park Avenue Duplex

Graduate Neighborhood Unit | 2477/2479 Park Avenue Duplex

2477/2479 Park Avenue Duplex
Front Unit: Two (2) bedroom, One (1) bathroom unit
Occupancy: 2 graduate/law students in individual bedrooms 
BackUnit: Three (3) bedroom, One (1) bathroom unit
Occupancy: 3 graduate/law students in individual bedrooms 
The Park Avenue duplex graduate Neighborhood Unit is a private residence which is located in a residential neighborhood just one block from the south end of campus. The front unit is 2 bedroom, 1 bath. The back unit is 3 bedroom, 1 bath with a large patio and backyard. The large kitchen comes with a full size refrigerator. On-site laundry facility is available. Water, gas, electricity, and garbage utilities are included in the lease and is billed per academic term. This house is available to 2nd and 3rd year graduate students only. A minimum 10-month contract is required.