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Communitas - Campisi Hall

Communitas RLC

Communitas Residential Learning Community is a traditional-style, co-ed community of first and second year students, focused on the themes of service and community.

Focused on "local action with compassion," the Communitas Residential Learning Community embodies the spirit of fellowship that students will find in their new home. Communitas is Latin for "community" and embraces and relies upon its students to shape its theme and activities. The theme incorporates the diverse passions and interests of its residents, and provides many opportunities for community-based learning, civic engagement, and exploring local ways to make an impact. The RLC strives to be a place that fosters connection, because knowing your neighbors is essential to working and growing with them. 

Communitas focuses on five values to guide the student experience:

  • Community: Fostering an environment where a spirit of fellowship and camaraderie can thrive.
  • Spirituality: Recognizing each person's spiritual need for physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • Education: Understanding the importance of a holistic approach to education, and endeavoring to emphasize that success is not only measured by one's own personal accomplishments, but by the impact one has on others.
  • Cura Personalis: Embracing the Jesuit philosophy of Cura Personalis, or care for the whole person.
  • Service: Striving to help those in need, locally, nationally, and globally, through service-oriented projects.

Communitas provides a co-ed, traditional-style living experience for approximately 200 first and second year students. It is approximately 60 percent first and 40 percent second year students. While Communitas and its neighbor Xavier are smaller communities, they tend to be quite active. Hall socials and events have exceptionally high attendance. Students are engaged with the leadership opportunities in the community, build strong relationships with their neighbors and staff, and find a vibrant community at the hall's front desk, which often serves as a social area. Students often describe Communitas as striking a healthy balance between social and studious. 

Two Community Facilitators support each of the three floors, and work together to organize hall-wide service opportunities, like Communitas's annual Relay for Life team, among many other community-wide events.

Communitas residents also have the opportunity to take the optional ACT Pledge, which is a promise to complete a minimum of one Communitas sponsored service project each quarter. The pledge serves as an inspiration for new and returning Communitas students to get involved and make a positive impact in their local community. 

Every Residential Learning Community offers several programs and events each week. Community Facilitators and Leadership Councils host floor and building-wide socials, facilitate activities to promote wellness and mental health, lead students to on-campus events, and organize service opportunities. 

Events that have traditionally happened in Communitas include Dormal Formal, a formal dance hosted for the whole campus by Communitas's Leadership Council, building-wide Monday Night Socials, which take place weekly throughout the year, a finals week coffee cart, and adventures to events happening on campus or in the local community, like Rainbow Prom, culture shows, and movie screenings.

Theme programming typically centers on service projects, including Relay for Life, sock drives, community clean ups, and volunteering with local homeless shelters. Residents are offered several opportunities each quarter to participate in service opportunities both inside their community and off campus.

Our staff is comprised of 6 Community Facilitators, 1 Spirituality Facilitator, 1 Faculty Director, 1 Assistant Resident Director, and 1 Resident Director. 

The Communitas 2019-2020 team includes:

Leadership Team

  • Jona Salamanca, M.Ed., Resident Director
  • Shelby McIntyre, Ph.D., Business School, Faculty Director
  • Briahna Jackson, Assistant Resident Director
  • Becca Milioto, Spirituality Facilitator

Community Facilitators

CFs in Campisi work to support a wing of approximately 32 students. All student staff on campus recieve training in conflict resolution and roommate mediation, crisis response, community building, and campus resources, and are present in their community to support their residents. Students can contact their Community Facilitator or Leadership Team directly for support.

Campisi Residence Hall

Campisi is a three-story, L-Shaped building with two wings, located on the east side of campus, directly across from Malley Fitness Center. Rooms are traditional doubles with a vanity and sink in each space. Communal restrooms are on each floor. Approximately 65 students live on each of the three floors, with one Community Facilitator on each wing.

Amenities available in the building include floor lounges, a communal basement space, balconies, a communal kitchen, and laundry rooms. 

The quad between Campisi and Sanfilippo halls has several charcoal grills, picnic benches, and a large grassy area for student use.

Each student living in a Campisi standard double, pictured above, is provided a twin XL bed frame and mattress, desk, desk cabinet, desk chair, and set of three stacking dresser drawers. Two shared spaces not pictured include the closet and vanity with sink, cabinet, and drawers. 

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    Each RLC is coordinated by Leadership Team comprised of a live-in Resident Director (RD), Faculty Director (FD), Spirituality Facilitator(s), and Assistant Resident Director(s). Your RLC’s Leadership Team is a valuable resource and its members can help you with both personal and academic concerns.

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Faculty Director

Shelby McIntyre


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