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Below are a set of frequently asked questions to help you familiarize yourself with Santa Clara University's newest Residential Learning Community. 


Question: When will the Cura RLC open in Finn Hall?

Answer: Fall 2019


Question: What is the RLC theme in Finn Hall?

Answer: Cura Residential Learning Community (RLC) constructs its communal life around the theme of well-being, inherent in the Jesuit value of Cura Personalis (care for the whole person).


Question: What type of rooms will be in Cura RLC?

Answer: Mini-suites with a shared bathroom


Question: Who gets to live in Cura RLC?

Answer: First-year and second-year students will be housed in Cura RLC.


Question: How many students will live in Cura RLC?

Answer: We project 366 students will live in Cura RLC.


Question: What types of amenities will be in Cura RLC?

Answer: Lounges, kitchens, and laundry facilities; air conditioning; study areas and multipurpose meeting rooms in public areas


Question: Who will be the Resident Director of Cura RLC? Faculty Director?

Answer: The selection process for the Resident Director and Faculty Director will begin in late fall. 


Question: If I live in Cura RLC, can I have a parking permit?

Answer: Finn Hall will have an underground parking garage though the parking restrictions for resident students will not change. First-year resident students are not allowed to have cars on campus.


Question: Will there be classrooms in Cura RLC?

Answer: There will not be classrooms in Cura RLC.