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Modern Perspectives - Dunne Hall

Modern Perspectives RLC

Modern Perspectives Residential Learning Community (RLC) is a traditional-style, co-ed community of first and second year students, focused on the themes of leadership, ethics, and current events. The RLC is housed within Dunne residence hall.

The Modern Perspectives RLC brings together students from a rich variety of backgrounds and interests to promote academic, social, and political engagement. Our theme explores contemporary challenges in leadership and ethics, and aspires to cultivate leaders who see beyond what is, and instead envision what should be. In line with the Jesuit tradition, our students share an interest in the global world and engage with social, political, and economic questions.

Our tagline of “Discern, Act, Lead” encourages the Modern Perspectives Community to: Discern who we are, what we believe, what we accept, and what we value, to act with these values and in ways that represent our individual talents and goals, and to lead toward positive social change in an unpredictable world.

Our living space is co-ed, with approximately 280 first and second-year students that call the building home. It is often competitive to return to Dunne as a 2nd-year student. Those that return often intend to be engaged mentors for first-year students and are a big part of the reason our community tends to be particularly strong. Students consistently comment that "the people" are the best part of MP, and larger friend groups are very common in Dunne.

Commuter students assigned to da MP RLC can enjoy access to the Dunne basement lounge which includes plenty of space to study or lounge around, and lockers.

Modern Perspectives also tends to be one of the more active and social communities on campus. Residents often have a strong sense of floor identity and form close relationships with the other residents on their floor.

Every Residential Learning Community (RLC) offers several programs and events each week. Community Facilitators and Leadership Councils host floor and building-wide socials, facilitate activities to promote wellness and mental health, lead students to on-campus events, and organize service opportunities. 

Events that have traditionally happened in Modern Perspectives, and are lead by our Leadership Council, include Speed-Friending the first week of classes, Trick-or-Treat Street, which invites children of faculty, staff, and local neighbors to trick-or-treat in Dunne, and the Thanksgiving Dunner, a full Thanksgiving meal for all of our residents.

Theme programming often includes political topics. Each year, we show the State of the Union, and invite Political Science faculty into the hall to provide perspective. During election seasons, we host campus-wide debate showings, voter registration drives, and student-lead debates. Approximately five times each quarter, staff host a "Dunner Series" discussion, cooking a meal for students and hosting a dinner table conversation about the ethics of a topic they are passionate about. Past topics have included net neutrality, bitcoin, food sustainability, human trafficking, women in politics, dating ethics, volunteering vs. voluntourism, friendship, and immigration, among many other topics.


Our staff is comprised of 10 Community Facilitators (CFs), 1 Spirituality Facilitator (SF), 1 Faculty Director (FD), 1 Assistant Resident Director (ARD), and 1 Resident Director (RD). CFs in Dunne work closely with a floor partner and form a close relationship as a pair within our team. The floor partner relationship is especially important in building floor community.

The Modern Perspectives RLC 2021-2022 team includes:

Leadership Team

  • Ravyn Johnson, Resident Director
  • Dennis Gordon, Ph.D., Political Science Department, Faculty Director
  • Anh Nguyen, Spirituality Facilitator
  • Hannah Edwards, Assistant Resident Director
  • Clarise Ballesteros, Counselor in Residence

Community Facilitators (CFs)

CFs in Dunne work with a floor partner to support a floor of approximately 50-60 students. All student staff on campus receive training in conflict resolution and roommate mediation, crisis response, community building, and campus resources, and are present in their community to support their residents. Students can contact their Community Facilitator or Leadership Team directly for support.

Dunne Residence Hall

Dunne is a five-story, L-Shaped building with two wings, located on the corner of Market and Lafayette Streets. Rooms are traditional doubles with a vanity and sink in each space. Communal restrooms, one male and one female, are on each floor. Approximately 50 and 60 students live on each of the five floors, with one Community Facilitator on each wing.

There are kitchens and laundry rooms on the second floor, the fourth floor, and in the basement. The basement serves as the primary communal space in the building, with a "lounge" side and a "multipurpose" or "study" side. The lounge side of the basement includes a pool table, foosball table, and two large flat-screen televisions. Dunne has air conditioning in all common spaces and indivdual rooms. 

In the space directly outside of the building, a sand volleyball court, connect four game, and cornhole set are available for student use. Picnic tables and Adirondack chairs with umbrellas provide additional outdoor gathering spaces.

Each resident living in a Dunne standard double, pictured above, is provided a twin XL bed frame and mattress, desk, rolling desk cabinet, desk chair, and a set of three stacking dresser drawers. Two shared spaces not pictured include the closet and vanity with sink, cabinet, and drawers.

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    Each RLC is coordinated by a Leadership Team comprised of a live-in Resident Director (RD), Faculty Director (FD), Spirituality Facilitator(s), and Assistant Resident Director(s). Your RLC’s Leadership Team is a valuable resource and its members can help you with both personal and academic concerns.

Zachary Davis

Resident Director

Zachary Davis

Hannah Edwards

Assistant Resident Director

Hannah Edwards 

Dennis Gordon

Faculty Director

Dennis Gordon