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Modern Perspectives - Dunne Hall

Modern Perspectives - Dunne Hall

Community Highlights

The Modern Perspectives RLC brings together students from a rich variety of backgrounds and interests to build a residential community for both academic and social engagement. Our theme centers around leadership and ethics, and aspires to cultivate leaders engaged in not only what is, but what should be.  In line with the Jesuit tradition, our students share an interest in what’s going on in our world by engaging in the social, political, and economic questions that are fundamental to successful leadership.  Our tagline of Discern. Act. Lead., encourages our Modern Perspectives community to:

  • Discern who we are, what we believe, what we accept, and what we value.
  • Act with these values and in ways that represent our individual talents and goals.
  • Lead toward positive social change in an unpredictable world. 


The Modern Perspectives RLC is located in Dunne Hall and houses 283 first-years and sophomores. Typically, the building is usually split 60% sophomores and 40% first-years.  Our theme focuses on ethics and leadership and what it means to be a leader in today's society.  Across the five floors of our building, we have ten Community Facilitators, one Assistant Resident Director, one Resident Director, one Faculty Director and two Spirituality Facilitators dedicated to supporting residents during their stay in Dunne.

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The Modern Perspectives Community does a host of programs each quarter. Our Community Facilitators, Faculty Director, and Spirituality Facilitators host multiple quarters each quarter. Many of our programs center around our theme. We also have our Community Council, which is made up of residents in the building who organize social programs for the entire building.

Programs & Themed Floors