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Meet the Staff

The Xavier staff is comprised of a Resident Director, Assistant Resident Director, Faculty Director, Spirituality Facilitator and 6 Community Facilitators

Come to Xavier to meet the Staff

  • Leadership Team

    Each RLC is coordinated by Leadership Team comprised of a Faculty Director, a live-in Resident Director (RD), Spirituality Facilitator(s), and Assistant Resident Director(s). Your RLC’s Leadership Team is a valuable resource and its members can help you with both personal and academic concerns.

  • Student Staff

    The Student Staff in each community is comprised of our Community Facilitators or Neighborhood Representatives.  Each group is dedicated to supporting residents during their time in on-campus living and helping them find a way to call Santa Clara home.

  • Darran Casey

    Community Facilitator

    Darran Casey

    Year: Sophomore

    Major: Mechanical Engineering

  • Raylene  Hernandez

    Community Facilitator

    Raylene Hernandez

    Year: Junior

    Major: Public Health, Women's and Gender Studies 

  • Bjorn Thyrring

    Community Facilitator

    Bjorn Thyrring

    Year: Sophomore

    Major: Political Science and Philosophy

  • Athena  Nguyen

    Community Facilitator

    Athena Nguyen

    Year: Senior

    Major: Public Health and Political Science


  • Isaac Jorgensen

    Assistant Resident Director

    Isaac Jorgensen

    Year: Senior

    Major: Computer Science and Engineering