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Campisi Hall Room Layout

Campisi Hall/Communitas RLC

The majority of the rooms in Campisi Hall/Communitas RLC are standard double rooms.

Room layout of Campisi Double Room

Room Dimensions* - 18'L x 12.5'W

*Please note: Room dimensions are for a typical size room. Room sizes within each hall vary slightly due to the building structure.

Furniture Dimensions
Bed Frame: 85"L x 40.5"W x 36"H
Mattress Dimensions: 80"L x 38"W x 7.5"H
Under Bed Max Height: 30"H
Dresser Dimensions: 30"L x 24"W x 30"H
Desk: 42"L x 23"W x 30"H
Chair: 35"H x 16"D x 18"W
Armoire: 35"W x 24"D x 72"H
Vanity: 73"W x 25"D x 34"H