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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science

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Studying Mathematics and Computer Science

In a world that is ever more dependent on science and technology, mathematics and computer science provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to be part of ever-developing fields that were not even imagined a decade ago. In addition, jobs related to mathematics and computer science are rated among the best jobs in the U.S. today. For example, the top ten jobs for 2015 include actuary (no. 1), mathematician (no. 3), statistician (no. 4), data scientist (no. 6) software engineer (no. 8), and computer systems analyst (no. 10). See Career Cast's 2015 list of best jobs.

Studying Math and Computer Science

Studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Santa Clara 

The University's location in "Silicon Valley," home to campuses of IBM, Apple, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard, Netscape, 3Com, Cisco Systems, Genentech, Yahoo, Google, eBay, Facebook, and other high-tech companies, offers many opportunities for contacts by faculty and students alike with the ever-growing high-tech industry.

Study Math and Computer Science at SCU

Studying Mathematics and Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences

Since the departments in the College of Arts and Sciences are almost entirely undergraduate, faculty devote their attention to undergraduate students. Regular faculty, not teaching assistants, provide all instruction. Class sizes are relatively small. Lower-division sections tend to have fewer than 40 students, and most upper-division sections fewer than 20. It is generally agreed that liberals arts programs (whether majors or minors) prepare individuals for life-long learning and to be adaptable to changing situations, rather than merely focusing on skills for the first job.

Studying Math and Computer Science at CAS

The Wonders of the World of Mathematics and Computers

Take a moment to watch an award-winning computer-generated video about a geometrical transformation, Möbius Transformations Revealed, at and get a taste of what is studied in advanced mathematics and computer courses.