Department ofMathematics and Computer Science

Minor in Computer Science

The following requirements have been updated for students beginning Fall 2016 or later. To see Computer Science Minor requirements for students entering prior to Fall 2016, click here.

Lower Division Courses
  • CSCI 10 (Introduction to Computer Science [C++]), 60 (Object Oriented Programming), 61 (Data Structures)
  • MATH 51 (Discrete Mathematics)
  • Computer Engineering 20 (Assembly) and Lab
Upper Division Courses

A total of three 4 or 5-unit upper division courses, as follows: Two upper division CSCI courses and one upper division CSCI or COEN course (other than CSCI 192).

Information about a Minor in Information Technology and Society

The Department also cooperates with Santa Clara University's Center for Science, Technology, and Society in the interdisciplinary .